And how I'm following my own advice to fix them!

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Look, friend, I’m not proud of this.

But I truly believe in sharing what I’ve learned with you… even when it shines a light on my own missteps.

That’s why I want to share some mistakes I’ve been making on my website. 

Oh, and these aren’t happening on my therapy practice site, by the way. Every one of them is a mistake I’ve been making on THIS platform. Y’know. The one I use to teach you how to communicate effectively on your website?!

(Ohhh, the irony.)

But, like I said, I believe in sharing it all. So, without further ado…

Read on for 5 mistakes I’ve been making on my website (+ how I’m following my own advice to fix ’em!):

1) I’ve been burying the lead.

As in, I’ve been burying the most important part of my entire site.

My primary call-to-action.

Even though everything I teach about website copy leads back to offering visitors a clear invitation to take the next step toward something helpful…

And even though I’ve built my entire therapy practice strategy around a strong call-to-action…

And even though I spent untold hours planning, implementing, testing, and tweaking the call-to-action that I use on this website…

…until recently, visitors would land on my site and be greeted with this heading:


That’s it. Just a headline. (And not even a very compelling one, if I’m honest!)

But nowhere to be found?

My call-to-action!

Friend, I’m speaking to both of us when I say this:

If you do nothing else on your site, PLEASE make sure you have a clear call-to-action (ideally, a link to your email opt-in or Work with Me page) “above the fold” (i.e., no scrolling required to find it)!


I’ve swapped out my old headline and replaced it with my primary call to action: My 5-question “communication superpower” quiz!

ready to attract more of the right people to your business?


2) I’ve been using jargon.

This one’s particularly cringey because I talk SO OFTEN about this:


(AKA: The industry/field-specific, in-group terminology that, at best, is meaningless to our dream clients and, at worst, has a distancing and discouraging effect.)

Jargon is high on my wishlist of junk to eliminate from all our marketing as health/wellness professionals.

And I’ve worked damn hard to make sure my own therapy site and blog are jargon-free.

But, alas, here on this site, I’ve allowed a glaring piece of jargon to sit, untouched, right on my home page:


Yep. A term that’s so foreign to most people, that I’ve devoted full blog posts, social media captions, live videos to defining it…

…has been sitting atop my own website, likely confusing new visitors each day!

No more, friend.

I’m nipping this bit of jargon in the bud. And I suggest you do the same.


I’ve revised each reference to “copywriting” to either: (a) replace it with language my audience actually uses OR (b) spell out clearly what copywriting actually means.  

3) I haven’t been speaking to my whole audience.

When I started this blog, I had a simple goal:

To share my experience growing a health/wellness business through content marketing.

And over time, as I shared more and more of the insights I’d gleaned, a cool thing happened:

My audience grew!

As each one of you tuned in week after week to engage with the message I was sharing, I started creating new content based on the topics you wanted to learn more about.

But, while I’ve loved keeping up with your questions as you grow your own businesses…

…I’ve gradually moved away from posting on more of the “fundamentals”.

And the fundamentals are precisely what brand new dream clients are looking for when they first land on my site.

You’re all equally dreamy in my eyes.

So, I need to be sure I’m speaking to every last one of you.


I’ve updated my content strategy to incorporate topics that meet the needs of health/wellness professionals at all different stages of business… with a particular focus on those who are just finding me.  

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4) I haven’t shown up enough.

As in, my face.

In actual photos.

Has been conspicuously absent from this website.

And for a gal who preaches that YOU, as the business owner, are the heart of your brand…

…you might say my site (+ my brand) were missing a pulse.

“But, I’m a BEHIND-the-scenes type!,” you wail.

(I am, too.)

“Photos of ME? In PUBLIC?!!,” you protest.

(Friend, I am so with you.)

Putting ourselves “out there” on our sites is daunting, feels vulnerable, and triggers all kinds of insecurities. But, guess what? So does reaching out to a healthcare professional.

If our clients can be brave, we can, too.


I’ve replaced the stock photography image on my home page with a professional photo of ME. I’ve also incorporated professional photo shoot images through my site. 

5) I’ve made it too hard to work with me.

Recently, I was chatting with a copywriting client, who sheepishly admitted she’d been running her business “like a secret society.”

In other words, she wasn’t selling her offering nearly enough. To the people she KNEW could benefit from it.

And if selling = helping, then we’re not just in the “helping” business, friend.

We’re in the selling business, too.

(We’ve gotta be!)

So, when she made her confession, I totally L(ed)OL.

Because I’m guilty of the same, right here on this site.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many of you on your business words DESPITE making it supremely difficult to hire me.

Sorry about that! And thank you so much for persisting.

I’ve remedied the sitch. Here you go. 🙂


I’ve restructured my site to point to one clear Work with Me page, where dream copywriting clients can learn more about how I can support them.  

Let’s take action!

OK, here’s your action step for today:

  • Review the mistakes I’ve been making on my website. Any of ’em look familiar? Spend a few minutes addressing each of them on your own site this week! 

Cheering you on!

ready to attract more of the right people to your business?



I help health + wellness professionals connect with their dream clients through genuine, engaging communication. After spending over a decade studying, researching, and teaching psychology + communication principles, I started this business to empower health + wellness professionals like me to “preach what you practice”. I share practical guidance so you can get clear on your unique value, communicate it with heart, attract + serve the people you love working with most… and actually have fun along the way.

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