3 simple ways to "get ahead" by cutting back

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Less is more.

(Ooh, you didn’t expect me to start stirring up some controversy today, did you? ;))

Now, there are plenty of instances when I think more is actually more.

Dry shampoo.

But, when it comes to copy, I’m firmly in the less is more camp.

And lately?

I’m beginning to think less is more in the overall running of a business, too.

I’ll explain:

Over the past few months, I’ve been monkeying around with some of the systems I have in place. Testing my own assumptions about the “best” way to run things.

Nothing major. Nothing intense.

And yet. As a result?

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More flexibility to be with my family. Explore new ideas. Cultivate appreciation for where I am in my business journey.

And more movement in my business: Deeper dream client engagement with my emails and social media content. Cool, new opportunities crossing my path. More inquiries about working with me.

All because of 3 simple ways I decided to cut back.

Curious about a less is more approach? Read on for 3 simple ways I’ve “gotten ahead” in business by cutting back:

1) I replaced the link in my Instagram bio.

OK, this one is super-practical.

It’s also the change that had the most immediate impact in my business.

For as long as I’ve had an Instagram presence for my copywriting content (nearly 1 year now!), I’ve been using some kind of tool to “optimize” the 1 link that Instagram allows in my bio.

I initially went with Linktree, a free tool (with paid Pro subscription option) that enables you to link to a mini landing page where you can display as many links as you wish.

Considering that Instagram is notoriously stingy with clickable link options compared to other platforms, this seemed like the perfect work-around: I could send traffic to blog posts, opt-in pages, interviews, event info… all by simply directing visitors to the link in my bio!

But then I came across this post, which made a pretty compelling case for ditching tools like Linktree + linking to your own custom landing page instead. This option allows greater branding + design control, builds familiarity with you + your business, and immediately transports users exactly where you want them to land: Your website. 

So, I created a custom landing page. And though I didn’t observe a marked difference in traffic, it’s possible I might have… if I’d stuck with that option awhile longer.

But, I didn’t.

Instead, I went all minimalist + ditched the landing page idea entirely.

Chalk it up to a restless spirit or my psych training or the way the wind was blowing that day, but it suddenly dawned on me:

“If *I* feel overwhelmed by the options on the landing pages *I* visit… then isn’t it possible folks are feeling overwhelmed by the options I’m giving them on mine?”

So, I swapped out the landing page link + replaced it with 1 simple, straightforward option: The link to my email opt-in quiz.

And you know what? Over the next 3 weeks, the rate of conversions to my email list from Instagram more than DOUBLED.

All because I stripped away the extra bells and whistles + served up 1 really good option.


1 call-to-action in the Instagram bio yields a much better return. Assuming the “return” you’re after is more dream clients opting in to learn more from you. (And I’m gonna go ahead and say that should absolutely be the return you’re after!) 

want my best stuff delivered right to your inbox?


2) I began posting less often to social media.

Depending on your current posting habits, this one might sound like sacrilege… or a breath of fresh air.

Despite the conventional wisdom that more frequent posting = greater engagement on social media, I opted to do the opposite:

Heeding the advice of smart people like Instagram guru Katie Steckly and… {ahem}… me, I throttled way back on the frequency of posts to my feed + focused on providing a “mini-training” in each caption.

I also started showing up most days in Stories + DMs, which was not only lower pressure but also freed me up to engage more spontaneously with my community on Instagram.

And engage we did!

Since adopting my new posting schedule, despite widespread concern about dips in Likes + comments on the platform, the level of “meaningful” engagement with my dream clients has steadily increased.


By shifting focus from near-daily feed posts to a combo of 1x-2x/week feed posts + daily engagement elsewhere on the platform, I’ve continued to attract dream client followers while deepening connections with my existing community. 

3) I disabled the alerts on my phone.

Alright, please hear me out.

I know this idea kicks up some fear. Maybe even panic.

How will people reach me?
How will I stay on top of it all?
What if I miss something critical?

I hear you.

Honestly, this one could be its own post (or series of posts!) because we could go quite deep with it all.

But in the less is more spirit of this post, I’ll keep it very practical:

YES, I disabled the alerts off my phone for everything but phone calls + texts.

YES, this means I’ve missed some things in real time as they’ve unfolded (e.g., tags + @mentions on social media).

YES, it also means I’ve had to clarify (+ reinforce) my boundaries around things like checking email, using social media, and responding to messages.

And YES, it’s been totally worth it.

If turning off ALL notifications on your phone feels too extreme, consider starting with a few apps you don’t use everyday. See how it feels to work without the constant pseudo-urgency of app alerts (and the ensuing Pavlovian response it produces in you)!


Disabling the app notifications on my phone has freed me up to work without interruption more consistently. It also has prompted me to rethink my habits around email and social media, gradually shifting toward scheduled times for each (vs. letting my use be dictated by notifications).

Let’s take action!

OK, here’s your “less is more” action step for today:

  • Choose 1 area of your business to simplify. (Be sure to share your ideas in the comments, so we can help keep you accountable!)

Cheering you on!



I help health + wellness professionals connect with their dream clients through genuine, engaging communication. After spending over a decade studying, researching, and teaching psychology + communication principles, I started this business to empower health + wellness professionals like me to “preach what you practice”. I share practical guidance so you can get clear on your unique value, communicate it with heart, attract + serve the people you love working with most… and actually have fun along the way.

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