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When I say inspiration, what words come to mind?


How about routine? What comes to mind when I say that?


If those are the associations your mind makes, you’re in good company.

But, what if I told you the secret to inviting + harnessing plenty of juicy inspiration… lies in the routines you have set up?

“Trickery!” you cry.
“It simply can’t be!”

Oh, but it can.

Read on for 3 ways you can take your inspiration to the next level… simply by changing up your routines:

1) Create routines that make space for inspiration

Maybe you tend to think about inspiration like it’s the weather:

It comes when it comes, and there’s nothing you can do to change it.

Or maybe you see inspiration as more mysterious than that:

Like the Big Bang or a divine event, or some other kind of larger-than-life phenomenon that you can’t possibly predict.

Whatever you believe, friend, this much is true:

You may not be able to predict with perfect accuracy when inspiration will strike, but you can create conditions that are hospitable to it.


By creating some space in your calendar. Just carve out an hour or two in your week of time, during which you’re officially open to inspiration.

Ask yourself:

Where am I when my best ideas come to me?

Maybe it’s at the gym.
Or in the shower.
Or sitting in the carpool lane, waiting to pick up your kid.

Wherever it is for you, make sure you’re spending time there each week.

And if there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to when you get your best ideas?

No problem. Just block off time in your schedule anyway, to simply take a break and be open to inspiration.

The key is to avoid the temptation of filling this time with the usual “stuff”: Email, work tasks, podcasts, Netflix…

So, honor the space you’ve created by just letting it be. Sooner or later, inspiration will reward your hospitality by paying you a visit.

2) Create routines that invite inspiration

Now that you’ve carved out some room for inspiration, it’s time to think about how you can give things a little nudge or two…

One great way to do this is by scheduling “inspiration dates” with yourself.

This is simply an activity that gets your creative wheels turning.

It might be a stroll through the park.
Or a visit to a museum.
A lecture on a topic that interests you.
Or a live performance of some kind.
Even an hour stretched out on the floor, coloring or playing with Legos.

The goal isn’t to “spark” an idea forcibly.

It’s simply about getting yourself in the habit of using your natural creativity + exposing yourself to others using theirs.

3) Create routines that capitalize on inspiration

So, you’ve cleared plenty of space for inspiration to strike. And you’ve even created some opportunities to become inspired.

My final tip is to make sure you’re actually capitalizing on all those new, creative ideas when they start flooding in!

In my experience, this consists of 2 key components:

First, you’ve gotta capture the inspiration:

(…and here’s where it pays to know yourself well…)

Come up with a straightforward method of documenting new ideas. This method should be something you can easily pull off in the course of your normal day-to-day.

For example:

  • Do your best ideas tend to hit you around bedtime or while you’re asleep? Keep a notepad and pen on your nightstand.
  • Are you usually on a walk or sitting in traffic when a brilliant thought occurs to you? Use your phone’s talk-to-text feature or record a voice memo.

Whatever suits you best, build it right into your routine by making sure you’ve got the necessary tools handy at a moment’s notice.

Then, you’ve gotta take some kind of action on it:

If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably lost countless ideas simply because you never did anything with them. Maybe they made it onto a scrap of paper or in an email you send yourself… but now? Long gone.

Don’t let this happen!

Sure, not all your ideas will be winners, but what about those diamonds in the rough? Who knows what might’ve developed from that kooky little half-baked notion you let slip through the cracks of a busy schedule?

In this case, the best defense is a good offense. You must have some kind of system in place for revisiting the ideas you record + then making a decision about them.

Here’s what this looks like in my businesses:

Several times a month, I go through the Notes + Voice Memo apps on my phone to pull up any new ideas (or partial ideas) that I’ve collected over the past week.

Next, I make a quick decision about each one by asking myself:

  • Does this make sense?
  • Does this seem useful or unique enough to hang onto?

Unless the answer to both questions is Yes, I delete + move on.

Finally, I transfer any remaining ideas to a dedicated board in my preferred project management system. (As I’ve shared before, I love using Trello for this.)

Once it’s there, I consider it present + accounted for, so I’m free to delete from my phone and receive any new inspiration that (hopefully) comes my way!

A word about managing expectations…

Now, just because you’ve been successfully receptive to inspiration, this doesn’t mean the work is over.

It’s up to you to take all those words, phrases, themes, visions, etc. and start putting them to good use for you + your business.

I can tell you from personal experience, however, that if you follow the suggestions in this post, you’ll be amazed by how often inspiration crosses your path each day.

Sometimes, it’ll be as simple as a single word you’ve been trying to put your finger on.

Other times, it’ll be a fully-outlined blog post, staring back at you from a rambling voice memo transcription.

But, every time, big or small, it’ll feel like a freaking miracle.

All because you made it happen with some boring, repetitive, un-sexy routines. 😉

Let’s take action!

OK, here’s your action step for today:

  • Choose 1 tip from this post to implement + see what it does to your inspiration! (Be sure to share in the comments, so we can encourage you!)

Cheering you on!



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