How to Do Guest Blogging Research

Your guide to guest blogging as a health/wellness pro (Part 2)

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Q: What’s a surefire way to squash your guest blogging efforts without even realizing it?

A: Dive directly into pitching mode without doing your research.

(Friend, you know me well enough by now to know… it always comes back to research!)

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Step 1: Consider your goal(s)

As we discussed in the first post in this series, most people get started guest blogging in order to do at least one of the following:

  • build credibility
  • reach new audiences
  • get some (more) practice

Getting clear on your goal is the first step in the guest blogging research process.


Two reasons:

  1. A clear goal will help guide your guest blogging research strategy.
  2. A clear goal will ultimately help you measure how successful your guest blogging efforts have been.

Once you’ve decided WHY you want to be guest blogging, then it’s on to the research phase…

ready to attract more of the right people to your business?


Step 2: Research, research, research

Believe it or not, most guest bloggers skip this step entirely.

And that’s a real shame, because it’s probably the most important step of all!

See, most health/wellness professionals simply aim for guest blogging platforms with the “biggest names” or greatest overall reach, thinking this will yield the greatest return on their efforts.

In reality? The payoff is often much greater when you take the time to narrow down the field of options to a curated list of platforms guaranteed to reach your dream audience.

How to spot the best guest blogging platforms

To get the maximum bang for your proverbial buck, you’ll want to identify blogging platforms with these characteristics:

  • the content is focused on topics of interest to your dream client
  • your dream client reads content on this platform
  • the readership is engaged and active online
  • the platform accepts guest blog submissions (<– you’d be surprised how many health/wellness professionals disregard this point!)
  • the platform gives authorship credit, ideally with a link back to a URL of your choice

Where to find guest blogging platforms

(NOTE: I recommend dedicating a Google spreadsheet or Trello board to help stay organized with your guest blogging efforts.)

The best research is comprehensive, right? So, don’t skimp on this step of the process. Approach your research from a few different angles to generate a solid list of options:

  1. Poll your audience: What blogs do they read? Note these in your research + then use them to search for similar platforms.
  2. Consult your “niche neighbors“: Ask around (and/or do some searching online) to find out where others in your niche have been guest blogging. Remember: your niche neighbors include the folks who are supporting your dream client via offerings that are complementary to yours (e.g., a lactation coach + an ObGyn + a therapist specializing in postpartum depression would all be niche neighbors).
  3. Tap into guest blogging communities: There are plenty of Facebook groups for bloggers, where you can find open calls for guest blogging contributions + even whole threads dedicated to guest blogging. You might also try resources like this, which serve as hubs for blog authors seeking guest contributions.
  4. Ask the Google machine: Enter a keyword related to your niche + search terms like guest blogging or guest post or submit a guest post. This should pull a list of opportunities within your niche.
  5. When it doubt, check it out: If there’s a platform you’re interested in contributing to, but you’re not sure if they accept guest posts, try scrolling down to the bottom of the Home page. You’ll often see a link labeled Contribute or Write for Us or Submit a Post. (And if not, you can almost always find a Contact page… if you’re feeling bold, why not reach out + ask if they accept guest blogging contributions? #YOLO)

Next week, we’ll dive into your list of options + get to work on crafting a winning guest blogging pitch!

In the meantime…

Let’s take action!

OK, here’s your action step for today:

  • Block off an hour for guest blogging research. Remember to choose a dedicated place (e.g., Google spreadsheet, Trello board) to organize your work!

Cheering you on!



I help health + wellness professionals connect with their dream clients through genuine, engaging communication. After spending over a decade studying, researching, and teaching psychology + communication principles, I started this business to empower health + wellness professionals like me to “preach what you practice”. I share practical guidance so you can get clear on your unique value, communicate it with heart, attract + serve the people you love working with most… and actually have fun along the way.

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