How to Craft a Winning Guest Blogging Pitch

Your guide to guest blogging as a health/wellness pro (Part 3)

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The guest blogging pitch.

It might seem like the most daunting part of the process. But with the proper preparation, it’s actually the easiest!

And guess what, friend? You’ve already gotten clear on your guest blogging goals + done your research.

Now, all that’s left to do is pitch the darn thing!

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1) Know the platform

Technically, this step falls under the heading of guest blogging research, but we’re not sticklers for rules around here, right?

Before you make a move to pitch yourself as a guest blogger, you’ll want to make sure you’ve done your homework + thoroughly familiarized yourself with the platform you’re pitching.

This should include:

  • getting to know the host/owner of the platform + their business/blog mission (i.e., check out their About page)
  • reading an assortment of past blog posts (especially past guest posts)
  • popping over to any social channels and/or groups associated with the platform to get a sense of the community of readers

Don’t skimp on this step, friend!

It’s not enough to simply skim through the blog archives or read the most recent post.

A strong foundation of research can mean the difference between a guest blogging pitch that lands beautifully… and one that falls flat.

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2) Review the guidelines

Once you’ve got a good sense of the platform you’re pitching, it’s time to get into the details: the guest post submission guidelines.

Platforms that regularly (or exclusively) feature guest blogging contributions will typically have a clear page dedicated to these guidelines. (Look for a link that says something like Contribute, Submissions, Write for Us, Submit a Guest Post, etc. You might have to do a bit of poking around or scroll all the way down to the footer to find it. When in doubt, you can usually find a search bar on the site to enter the terms above + see what comes up.)

Guest post submission guidelines vary widely in terms of comprehensiveness, but generally they include info about:

  • format: What type of submissions are they looking for? Is there a word count limit or range? Different categories of submissions or an open call?
  • pitching process: Are you invited to pitch potential ideas first or are you expected to submit a complete post? Is there a dedicated email address for submissions or a portal you’ll need to submit through?
  • review process: What’s the projected turnaround time on review of your submission? Will you be notified either way or only if your submission is accepted?
  • other expectations: Are you free to submit a piece of content to multiple platforms for review at once or are you expected to submit it to this platform for exclusive review?

If the guidelines specify that you’re to submit a completed guest post, be sure to check out our final installment of this series next week. I’ll be sharing my best tips for successful guest blog post!

If, however, the guidelines ask you to pitch your ideas first, then read on!

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3) Reach out!

With all that preparation behind you, it’s (finally!) time for the fun part:

The guest blogging pitch!

There’s a real tendency to over-complicate (and, hence, procrastinate) this step, but I truly believe the most powerful pitches are often the simplest.

So, whether you’re pitching in an email or through a submission form, here’s what I recommend:

Start with a genuine greeting

Greet the blog’s host by name. Express your appreciation for their platform + the content it features. Acknowledge some specific aspects of the content that means the most to you + share why.

Introduce yourself

…but remain focused! (This is not the time to launch into your credentials or backstory.) Identify yourself as a business owner/blogger/whatever the platform favors + clearly highlight the unique perspective you can offer their audience.

If your work has been featured on other platforms relevant to this pitch, go ahead and link to a few.

Pitch a few topics

Pull up that list of core topics you brainstormed + select a few that you can customize to align beautifully with the mission of the platform you’re pitching.

For each one, clearly list the topic itself + a sample title/headline that matches the voice + tone of past guest content featured on the platform. Beneath each topic + title, list a few bullet points that outline the main points you’d cover in that post.

Wrap it up + track it

Close your pitch with a brief note of thanks + be sure to include your contact information.

Add the pitch to the Trello board or spreadsheet you’re using to track your progress.

And then… it’s time to celebrate! You’ve completed a guest blogging pitch! Well done, friend.

Next week, we’ll round out this series with my best tips to assembling your perfect guest blog post!

In the meantime…

Let’s take action!

OK, here’s your action step for today:

  • Block off an hour to craft your first guest blogging pitch! Remember to choose a dedicated place (e.g., Google spreadsheet, Trello board) to organize + track your pitches!

Cheering you on!



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