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Email marketing mistakes.

We all make ’em.

And while they’re certainly nothing to be ashamed of…

(unlike the chewed-up pencil currently holding together my messy bun…! 😉

…they ARE worth addressing.

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1) Not tending to the list.

Before we get into the actual email copy itself, we first need to make sure your emails are reaching the right people!

A few suggestions:

  • Ask subscribers to “whitelist” your emails. The easiest way to do this is to tell them when they first join your list: “Hey! To make sure you never miss an email from me, go ahead and add this email address to your Contacts!
  • Avoid using “trigger words” in your messagesEmail filters vary, but certain words are more likely than others to flag an email as problematic + prevent it from being seen by your subscribers. Here’s an updated list of terms to skim through before you hit “Send”.
  • Maintain a “clean” list of subscribers. It’s rare (read: unheard of) to have a 100% open-rate on every message you send. But, if you’ve got folks on your email list who rarely/never open your emails, it could be hurting your chances of showing up in other subscribers’ inboxes! Why? Because most email servers calculate a reliability score for incoming messages, and senders that have a low rate of engagement on their list are more likely to be flagged as unreliable by recipients’ email servers. One easy fix? Every few months, go through your list and send a quick “Hey! Are you still interested in hearing from me?” to the least engaged folks on your list. Remove the ones who don’t reply, and watch your reliability score skyrocket!


Go through your email list + remove any inactive subscribers. Set a reminder in your calendar to do this periodically throughout the year.

2) Assuming everyone reads each email.

One of the most preventable email marketing mistakes I see health professionals make is assuming that every person on their list is reading every outstanding email they send.

I know it’s frustrating, especially given all the care you pour into each email! But it’s true, friend:

Not everyone will see your content the first time you share it.

So, how do you make sure your message is landing with your dream audience?

By repeating that message, over and over, in new ways!


For each email you send, identify 3 ways you can repurpose its content (e.g., social media post, video, a new email). Schedule the repurposed content so your message doesn’t get lost.

3) Prioritizing style over substance.

This is one of those email marketing mistakes that I almost hate to call out. Because I’ve seen some seriously STUNNING emails come through on the health + wellness lists I’m subscribed to.

So, let me quickly remind you:

It’s your business + your call about how to handle email marketing and every other piece of copy you write!


If you’ve been disappointed by email open-rates that seem lower than you’d expect, here’s a thought for you to ponder:

You might need to pump the style breaks + focus on substance instead.

How do you feel when you receive a splashy email announcing a new line clothing from a brand you follow? How do you feel when you receive a dozen others, all lined up in your inbox?

Now picture how you feel when you see a friend’s name pop up in your inbox.

The photo-rich sales emails can be visually striking, for sure. But which type of email makes you more eager to read? Which is more likely to elicit emotion? To deepen connection?

If a branded look/feel to your emails is important to you, then consider the many ways you can communicate your brand through the WORDS in your emails, rather than the additional bells + whistles.

Aim for the conversational style of an email from a friend + see how your readers respond!


Scan through your email format + ask yourself: Does this look/feel more like a catalog or an email from a friend

want my best stuff delivered right to your inbox?


4) Neglecting to include a call-to-action.

As Donald Miller, creator of StoryBrand, says:

People can’t read our minds and they don’t know what we want, even if it seems obvious. We have to clearly invite customers to take a journey with us or they won’t.

Of all the email marketing mistakes out there, this is the one that’s most likely costing healers + helpers potential business!

A call to action is simply an invitation to take the next step toward something helpful.

Inside my online course, Copy for Healers + Helpers, I teach students to begin each piece of copy they write by asking themselves: What’s the point, here?

As a result of reading your blog post/caption/email, etc…

What do you want your reader to KNOW?
How do you want your reader to FEEL?
And what do you want your reader to DO?

Pin those down + a clear next step should leap out at you.

Then all you need to do is invite your readers to take it!


Ask yourself: What is the logical next step for readers to take to engage with me + my offerings?

5) Including too many calls-to-action. 

It’s one of the golden rules of copy for good reason…

Above all, you MUST be clear.

One of the email marketing mistakes that frustrates me most is seeing an email packed with a zillion-and-two options for readers to take.

It’s the difference between 3 great options in your Netflix queue… and 173 great options.

The fact that they’re great becomes a non-issue. There’s simply TOO MANY of them!

It’s crucial to realize that your readers (just like you + I) are prone to overwhelm. Present them with too many links to click, and they’ll be more likely to bounce. (Literally + figuratively.)


List out all your various calls-to-action + decide on the MOST important action you want readers to take. (Remember: You can change this up with each email!)

Let’s take action!

OK, here’s your action step for today:

  • Perform a quick audit of your email marketing strategy, taking note of any email marketing mistakes. 

Cheering you on!


I help health + wellness professionals connect with their dream clients through genuine, engaging communication. After spending over a decade studying, researching, and teaching psychology + communication principles, I started this business to empower health + wellness professionals like me to “preach what you practice”. I share practical guidance so you can get clear on your unique value, communicate it with heart, attract + serve the people you love working with most… and actually have fun along the way.

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