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What unique value do you offer to the people you serve?

Simple-enough question, right?

Not necessarily.

By now, you know exactly who your dream client is.

You know what they’re struggling with, and you’ve carved out a niche to match.

And you know that they’re far less interested in your credentials than in how you can help them.

So, how can you help them?

If this question stops you in your tracks OR if it triggers a long, bullet-point list of the products + services you offer, then grab a snack and listen up…

Because this one’s for you.

Today I’m talking about the difference between the features + benefits of what you offer, why it’s critical you communicate the benefits of your health + wellness business… and my #1 favorite tip to help you determine just what those benefits are:


Let’s start with some basic definitions:

A feature is something your product/service has or is.

A benefit is what your dream client experiences as a result of your product/service.

In any industry, we can point to a product or service’s features, as well as to the potential benefits associated with those features.

But, what we don’t often realize is that there’s an intermediate step between the two, that we sometimes confuse with benefits:

The basic outcome.

The basic outcome is the result of your product/service’s features. And it makes the benefits of your product/service possible.

But it is not the same as a benefit. A basic outcome is the jumping-off point. The benefit is all the good stuff that comes after.

Let’s take an example from the average medicine cabinet:

Disposable nasal strips.

The kind that stick across the bridge of your nose to open your nasal passages.

On the front of the box, it says:

“Now with SUPER-STICK technology!”

The copy on the box sounds really excited. It wants you to believe this is a benefit.

But, you don’t care about SUPER-STICK technology, do you?

Of course you don’t.

This is a feature masquerading as a benefit.

To get to the benefit, we need to ask:

So what? Why does SUPER-STICK technology matter?

Probably because it helps the strip stay adhered to your nose all night. Right?

But this is a basic outcome. We’re not stopping here.

So what? Why does it matter if the strip stays adhered to your nose all night?

Probably because it means you’ll get a good night’s sleep. (And so will whomever’s sleeping next to you!)

Is this enough of a benefit? Maybe.

But I’d argue it’s still a basic outcome.

To really drill down to the value of these strips, let’s try asking one more time:

So what? Why does a good night’s sleep for you (and possibly your sleeping companion) matter?

Probably because when you wake rested (and free from any snoring-related relationship discord), you’re able to tackle the day head-on, as only you can!

Now, that’s a benefit.

And here’s the reason we care about any of this:

Features don’t sell products and services. Benefits do. The secret to attracting your dream client is to describe the benefits they desire most, and tie these to what you have to offer.


Take a look at the way you currently describe what you have to offer on your website, social media accounts, etc., and you’ll probably find you’re relying heavily on features.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. (Remember: This is a struggle in every kind of business! Not just health + wellness…)

But, it’s important that you look closely at each feature you’ve listed, and ask yourself:

So what? Why does this matter?

Do that, and you’ll probably come up with an answer that goes a bit deeper.

Ask yourself again:

Yeah, but… why does this matter?

Do this as many times as you need to, until you’ve hit on something that gets at a fundamental need or desire your dream client has.

For example, let’s say you’re an orthodontist who offers “braces to children and adolescents.”

The braces (and everything that comes with them) are features of what you offer.

So what? Why do braces matter?

“Because braces produce straighter teeth and more beautiful smiles for the young patients we help,” you say.

We’re getting closer, but these are actually outcomes of what you offer. To get at the benefits, we need to probe a bit further:

Yeah, but… why do straighter teeth and more beautiful smiles matter?

“Because they give young people the confidence to speak their minds and leave their unique stamp on the world,” you reply.


You’re not in the orthodontics business. You’re in the self-confidence business.

So, then, all that’s left is to link the specific features of your business to the benefits your dream client will experience.

And you’re the one who ties it all together for them.

Here’s an example:

“My name is Tori and, although I’m a massage therapist, I’m not in the massage business. I’m actually in the clear-headed creativity business. I help tense, over-scheduled executives experience the mental clarity they need to brainstorm more creatively by providing a safe, relaxing massage therapy experience.” 

And another one:

“My name is Serena and, although I’m a functional health coach, I’m not in the functional health coaching business. I’m actually in the intimacy and savoring business. I help exhausted, overwhelmed peri-menopausal women experience deeper connections and more physical pleasure by creating hormonal and reproductive health care plans that are customized to their needs.”

Got it?

OK, your turn.

Just fill the spaces in to fit you + your business…

And repeat after me:

My name is [NAME] and, although I’m a [JOB TITLE], I’m not in the [JOB TITLE]-ing business. I’m actually in the [BENEFIT] business. I help [DREAM CLIENT] to experience [BENEFIT] by [FEATURES]. 


One of my favorite parts of meeting with a new client is the moment in our first session when I pose “the question”.

(I should note that I can’t take credit for this question. It was introduced by psychotherapist Alfred Adler as “the magical question” and later popularized by psychotherapist Steve de Shazer as “the miracle question”. I’ve just adapted it to my own liking and dubbed it simply “the question”.)

And you can 100% adapt “the question” to fit your niche + your dream client, too.

Anyway, it goes a little something like this:

“Suppose you wake up tomorrow and find that everything you’ve been struggling with is no longer an issue. What would life be like for you? How would it feel different?”

(And yes, I realize that’s actually a couple questions, but stay with me here… :))

The beauty of “the question” is that it invites clients to consider what they want their lives to be like. What benefits they hope to experience. (And, importantly, it keeps me and my own agenda out of the conversation.)

Best of all?

By inviting clients to describe all this in their own words, I can more effectively guide our work together


It also means I’m now the proud owner of something priceless: The right words (straight from my dream client’s mouth) that’ll allow me to communicate the benefits of what I offer to prospective dream clients.

Now, we could simply ask clients what their goals are, but that yields more surface-level answers.

For example, in my own practice, asking clients for their goals tends to elicit answers like:

“Um… improve my body image?”
“Fewer panic attacks?”
“Manage my time better?”

In other words, clients start listing basic outcomes, not benefits.

But, by choosing your words carefully, you’re able to draw out a detailed description of how clients hope to feel, and what they hope to achieve and experience.

And as a bonus:

When you ask “the question” your dream clients (like mine) will have a visible reaction.

Their shoulders relax. They let out a slow exhale. Some of them tear up, others laugh.

When I see this reaction, I know clients are actually picturing (if only momentarily) the benefits they desire.

That’s my cue to listen carefully, noting every detail they share.

In the exact words they use.


Next week, I’ll be back with my best tips on how to start weaving the benefits of what you offer into consistent content you create for your dream client!

In the meantime, here’s your action step:

  • Leave me a comment, sharing: What are the benefits of what you offer your clients? 

When it comes to attracting the people you love working with most, you already have a powerful asset at your disposal! Ready to learn what it is, and start putting it to work for you + your business TODAY?





I help health + wellness professionals connect with their dream clients through genuine, engaging communication. After spending over a decade studying, researching, and teaching psychology + communication principles, I started this business to empower health + wellness professionals like me to “preach what you practice”. I share practical guidance so you can get clear on your unique value, communicate it with heart, attract + serve the people you love working with most… and actually have fun along the way.

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